Telehealth Self Instruction

You have elected to have a telehealth consultation with Dr. Brown.  To facilitate the most from this consultation I have made a video that I request you watch.  The video goes through the things you will need as well as the exam tests we are going to perform together to diagnose what is causing problems with your shoulder or knee.  I would like you to watch the video and familiarize yourself with the maneuvers and even attempt to do some of them ahead of time.  If they are too painful then of course do not perform.

Again, if watch and familiarize yourself with the maneuvers, you will get the most out of your video consultation in the most efficient time on your way to feeling better.

Please position your device you are using such as lab top, iPad or phone that provides the best view of the shoulder or knee.  If using your phone, I suggest you have someone hold the phone while we talk and perform the test.

Educational material on your condition and exercises following the consult can be found at on my education services page as well as at

Shoulder Exam

Knee Exam