Andra Savage

After I tore my ACL playing lacrosse, I knew Dr. Chris Brown was the orthopedic surgeon I wanted for my knee surgery. He is an extremely experienced ortho surgeon and is nationally recognized for specializing in sports injuries. After my initial evaluation, Dr. Brown ordered diagnostic tests and met with my family to discuss my recovery goals. With my goals in mind, he proposed a plan for my surgery and rehabilitation that provided me with the best opportunity for a full recovery. From the start, Dr. Brown knew I wanted to return to high school sports (tennis, basketball and lacrosse) and fulfill my college commitment to play DI lacrosse at Towson University in Maryland. Every step of the way, Dr. Brown and his entire orthopedic team have been there for me and dedicated to me as a patient. I am two years post-surgery and I know I can contact his office at any time if I have questions or concerns about my knee.

Dr. Brown goes above-and-beyond and is dedicated to his patients. After I was cleared to returned to play lacrosse, Dr. Brown stopped in at one of my high school games to watch me run in my new brace to make sure it was working properly for me.

Thanks to Dr. Brown, I was able to return to sports by following a plan designed just for me based on benchmark metrics for athletes to ensure I would be safe and successful. With lots of hard work and Dr. Brown’s expertise, my knee is now stronger than ever. Although I consider myself to be a lacrosse player, I was able to return to high school tennis and made it to sectional finals my senior season. I was
also able to confidently return to basketball and was named a Ronald McDonald Senior All Star and Finger Lakes East Player of the Year. Dr. Brown’s surgical expertise and ongoing support got me “back in the game” and I am so thankful to him for all he has done for me.

Forever grateful,
Andra Savage